League Rules

1. League Basics

League Name Mexbowl
Number of Teams 12
Entry Fee $2,000 MXN
Scoring Type Weekly Head-To-Head
Divisions 2
Regular Season Weeks 1-13
Playoffs Weeks 14-16
Playoff Teams 6 (2 Byes*, 4 Wild Cards**)
Tiebreaker #1 Most points for
Tiebreaker #2 Head-to-head record
Tiebreaker #3 Coin toss
Draft Type Auction
Draft Budget 200
Free Agency Type Auction
Free Agency Budget 100
Minimum Bid 0
Waiver Process Days and Time Wednesday-Sunday @ 12PM
Free Agent Auction Tiebreaker Inverse Standings

* Playoff Byes: Division winners.

**Playoff Wild Cards: Remaining 4 best records irrespective from division.

2. Fees & Prizes (Regular Season & Playoffs)

  • Entry free: $2,000 MXN per manager except last year’s 1st and 2nd place. Total: $20,000 MXN.
  • Worst Record thru Week 13: Pays $1,000 MXN before next year’s keeper deadline.
  • Fewest Points for thru Week 13: Pays $500 MXN before next year’s keeper deadline.

2016 cash prizes:

  • First place: $12,000 MXN
  • Second place: $6,000 MXN
  • Most points per week thru Week 13: $150 MXN per week (paid at end of tournament).
  • Remaining $50 MXN will go to mexbowl.com website

2017 and onwards cash prizes:

  • First place: $12,000 MXN
  • Second place: $6,000 MXN
  • Most points per week thru Week 13: $250 MXN per week (paid at end of tournament).
  • Remaining $250 MXN will go to mexbowl.com website

1. Draft Rules

  • League commissioner makes draft date apparent to the entire league.
  • Draft normally takes place on the Sunday before Week 1 at 3PM CDT. Exceptions occur.
  • 1 by 1, team managers nominate a player to be auctioned, repeating circular fashion.
  • After a nomination is made, the auction opens to the general group for bidding.
  • Minimum nomination bid: $1.
  • Minimum bid increase: $1.
  • 30 seconds click down after a player is nominated for bidding. Once within 10 seconds, each time a bid is placed, the clock re-sets to 10 seconds. If 10 seconds pass without the bid being increased, the highest bidder wins that player at the auction price (AP), which counts against that manager’s salary cap (SC).
  • Auction ends when all rosters are filled.
  • Nomination order is randomly selected by ESPN, 60 minutes before the draft.
  • Players not auctioned off are moved to waiver wire.
  • Location: Drafts will be done electronically, remote drafting allowed.

2. Salary Cap & Keeper Rules

  • Each manager has $200 per year in salary cap to manage his or her franchise, left over SC from previous year is lost (basically at the start of the draft everyone has the same $200 base line).
  • League Commissioner will record final team roster at end of week 13 for available “Keepers” the following year. Players picked after Week 13 are not eligible for “Keeper”.
  • Total salaries for players on roster cannot exceed $200.
  • Trading of future draft auction $ is allowed, with no restrictions. Teams cannot have more than $200 in a draft.
  • Players retain their AP salaries for the remainder of the season. If a player is picked up off waivers the waiver purchase price will be used for keeper purposes.

2A. Keeper rules

  • Two weeks before the draft, a manager can designate up to 3 players as keepers (KP). League commissioner will decide deadline, normally after Preseason Week 2.
  • League commissioner makes the deadline apparent to the entire league, and if the keepers are not submitted in time, then that manager forfeits keeper ability for that season.
  • Submission of keepers is through the ESPN website or app only. E-mails are not valid.
  • Keepers will be made public to the entire league after aforementioned deadline.
  • Players can only be kept two times in a row (i.e. at most 3 seasons in a team), unless that player is waived during the season.
  • If a KP is waived during the season, keeper status is revoked from that player.
  • If a KP is suddenly expected to miss Week 1 due to injury before the draft (new information after keeper deadline), manager can change keeper player. They cannot engage in a trade with another manager.
  • KP value is equivalent to waiver transaction or draft transaction, whichever is most recent.

3. Trades

  • The following can be traded:
    • Current and Keeper players.
    • Draft Auction money (No Free Agent Acquisition Budget can be traded).
  • Keeper Status follows the traded player. When trading players, the players AP and keeper status (years he can be kept) is traded with the player.
  • Trade deadline: Before start of Week 11. Will start again after completion of Week 16.
  • Trades can only be vetoed by team managers not involved in the trade.
    • With 2 managers involved you need 8 out of the 10 votes to overturn the trade.
    • With 3 managers involved you need 7 out of the 9 votes to overturn the trade.
    • With 4 managers involved you need 6 out of the 8 votes to overturn the trade.
  • There will be a 5 hour waiting period for owners to lodge any comments or protests with the league. Be sure to accept a trade 5 hours before players play on a given week.

4. Waiver Wire & Transactions – using FAAB (“Free Agent Acquisition Budget”)

  • FAAB is used by teams to put in bids throughout the season on free agents. The minimum bid is $0. The maximum bid is your entire FAAB budget.
  • Teams will have $100 waiver wire budget per year, waiver wire funds will not be retained from year to year.
  • FAAB money cannot be traded.
  • If a player is placed on waivers, keeper status will be removed.
  • Waiver time: 1 day or Sunday-Tuesday.
  • Waiver auctions: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 11 AM (Central).
  • If teams tie in bidding, the team lower in the standings gets the player.

5. Roster

Roster Size 16
Starters 10
Bench 6 (1 IR)
Quarterback (QB) 1
Running Back (RB) 2
Wide Receiver (WR) 3
Flex (RB/WR) 1
Tight End (TE) 1
Team Defense (DEF) 1
Kicker (K) 1

6. Scoring System

Passing Yard 0.02 points
TD Pass 6 points
Interception Thrown -2 points
2-Point Passing Conversion 2 points
300-399 Yards Passing 1 point
400+ Yards Passing 1 point
Rushing Yard 0.05 points
TD Rush 6 points
2-Point Rushing Conversion 2 points
100-199 Yards Rushing 1 point
200+ Yards Rushing 1 point
Reception Yard 0.05 points
TD Reception 6 points
2-Point Receiving Conversion 2 points
100-199 Yards Receiving 1 point
200+ Yards Receiving 1 point
Kickoff Return TD 6 points
Punt Return TD 6 points
Fumble Recovered For TD 6 points
Fumble Return TD 6 points
Lost Fumble -2 points
PAT Made 1 point
FG Made (0-39 Yards) 3 points
FG Made (40-49 Yards) 4 points
FG Made (50+ Yards) 5 points
Team Defense / Special Teams
Sack (SK) 1 point
Interception (INT) 2 points
Interception Return TD (INTTD) 6 points
Fumble Recovered (FR) 2 points
Safety (SF) 2 points
0 Points Allowed 10 points
1-6 Points Allowed 7 points
7-13 Points Allowed 4 points
14-21 Points Allowed 1 point
22-27 Points Allowed 0 points
28-34 Points Allowed -1 point
35+ Points Allowed -4 points

9. Money Irregularities

  • If manager does not pay before Keeper deadline, that manager forfeits keeper ability for that season.
  • If manager does not pay 24 hours before draft, that manager will lose rights to a team and a backup manager from the Waiting List will be called into play.